After Birth

The goal of After Birth is to connect people with actionable steps towards a healthy and hopeful outlook on perinatal life through education, and community. For now, many of our resources are local to Denver, but can be accessed and implemented virtually.

Please peruse this list for professionals, and creatives that may be able to give you specialized support.
First and most importantly, if you are experiencing a mental health crisis, and you need immediate support, please dial #911 or the suicide and crisis hotline at #988.

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Health and Wellness

This is a topic that can look very different for each family, and this list will continue to expand and grow as the project continues to develop. Some of these early suggested resources have a large following, and can be easily accessed from anywhere. The rest are local relationships that I have cultivated over the course of creating After Birth. is an amazing online resource with articles and thoughtfully written guides through every stage. You can deep dive into broad topics or search for specific concerns at any time.

Postpartum Support International has members all over the world serving as an exceptional resource to women and families struggling with their mental health in pregnancy and postpartum. It was founded in 1987 by Jane Honikman in Santa Barbera, CA., the headquarters can now be found in Portland, Oregon. Find your chapter here or explore the website to find a local provider or training opportunity.

Colorado PSI (Postpartum Support International)
Perinatal Mental Health, Resources for Parents and Providers
Help line: 1-800-944-4773

Kinship Collaborative
Elizabeth Wellington MA LPC PMH-C
Therapist, Emotional Wellness
Elizabeth is a passionate provider with multiple services from counseling to community events that address the very real, and underdiscussed aspects of parenthood. I wish I would have known her during my own postpartum experience. She is also the Co-founder of the MFT Social Club.

Haven & Health Consulting Group
Lindsey Long, PC
Child and Adolescent Dynamic Wellness
Lindsey appears in the After Birth project, bringing a decade of experience working in pediatric medicine. She is located in Michigan and takes a dynamic and inclusive approach to whole family healthcare.

Jade Wellness Denver
Chiropractic | Fertility | Doula
Queer woman-owned business
Savannah Jones is a chiropractor and holistic fertility doula. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a local event recently and really enjoyed her approach to wellness. I can attest to my own positive birth experience with my second child thanks to consistent chiropractic care. Savannah also works with her clients to help them create sustainable changes to their daily habits. What a great thing to embrace if you are expecting or looking to shift your perspective.


A note on baby feeding. One that you have probably heard or said at some point during your time as a parent. Breastfeeding is a major mixed bag. It is magical, or at least it can be. But it is also painful, and awkward and wickedly intimidating. Do what is best for you, and if you need some help along the way, check out these helpers.

Brittani Edds | BSN, RN, IBCLC
The Milk Academy | Lactation Consultant
Advocate for health equity
Brittani Edds is an international board-certified lactation consultant and pediatric/neonatal registered nurse. She has over 10 years of experience and offers home visits and virtual consults. She also has hysterical Instagram shares about the stuff no one tells you about breastfeeding. I love it, and even though I am past my breastfeeding years, her advice is relatable and non-judgmental.

Woven Pediatrics | Stephanie Dunn, MD, IBCLC
Holding Space for Young Families: Fourth Trimester care, Pediatrics, Lactation


There is a lot of discussion now around the impact that sleep deprivation has on our psyche, and specifically the impact that it has on postpartum mental health. More than the adage “sleep when the baby sleeps”, we struggle to calm our minds and allow for true rest, especially new parents, or parents of very small babies. I urge you to find the tools, and resources that work for you.

A helpful article from the Sleep Foundation:

The Mama Co-op
Sara Nudd
Sleep and Integrative Parenting Solutions
Sara Nudd is a powerhouse in the world of perinatal mental health. She is the owner of the mama Co-op, and she shared her knowledge with us in a segment for After Birth. She is a parent coach, sleep consultant, and a maternal mental health advocate. Be sure to visit the mama co-op website for a sleep quiz, a free 20-minute consult, or if you are looking for a great book club, she’s got that covered too.

Sleepably | Sleep Consultants
Seth, Kara, Sara
Personalized Sleep Coaching for Infants, Children, & Adults
Corporate Sleep Seminars
Sleepably is run by Seth Davis, a former insomniac turned sleep coach, and his pediatric sleep consultants Rebecca Schlegel and Sara Nudd. Their website offers consultations, sleep retreats, and their blog covers topics like sleep hygiene, and tangible ways to help your kids sleep through the night.
Persoanl note: This is an aspect of new motherhood that I struggled hard with. I wish I would have had better tools in my toolbox at the time.

Social & Community

The Mom Walk Collaborative: Denver
Community Events for Moms

The Mom Walk Collective
Worldwide | Mom Walk HQ
Founded by Jamie Easton (@jaimieeaston)

The Den Denver
A Social Club for Families Curating Space for Community
Classes and great coffee. Lovingly designed for children and adults in equal measure.
2900 Zuni Street
Denver, CO. 80211

MFT Mom’s Social Club
Wellness Experiences for Moms that Nourish Mind, Body + Heart
Mom’s Social Club. Dance Parties. Mental Health. All in real life.